Description of the Project

The historical location defined the external architectural character of complex “On Torgovaya Embankment”. It’s a two-storeyed building of class A with an enclosed court which is situated on the shore of the Svisloch. The project occupies the whole block of Zybitskaya street.

 Free-pattern layout of every room and an individual approach are provided for the convenience of the participants in shared construction (investors). Rooms of 30-250 square metres are planned.

Only modern high-technology materials are used in construction activities. It makes the building absolutely safe and its external appearance marvellous.



  1.  Building structure: monolithic framework filled with gas-and-silicate blocks, leaded light glazing.
  2. Front of the building: combination of leaded light glazing and external insulation (method “termoshuba”)
  3. Fenestration: aluminium and wooden moulding with triple-pane glass.
  4. Lift: manufacture OTIS, load bearing capacity - 400 kg.
  5. Ceiling height: basement storey – 2,85 m., ground floor – 3,9 m., first floor – 3,3 m., second floor – 2,7 m, third floor - 2,98 m.
  6. Ventilation: forced air supply (combined extract and input ventilation), controlled microclimate in every room.
  7.  Conditioning: complex (central fan system).
  8. Heating: central, buried laying KAN.
  9. Water supply: central (steel zinced pipes).
  10. Electric wiring: copper.
  11. Fire alarm system with warning people about the fire and with automatic opening of doors in corridors.
  12. The installation of individual electric power, heating and water meters is available in all the premises.
  13. Professional specialized property management service.
  14. System of guard service with round-the-clock video surveillance, electronic access to the building.
  15. Communication & Information System: telephone and television network, access to the Internet (fiber optic service lines of high power, backup power supply).
  16. Area of building: 2 660,9 square metres.
  17. Total area: 7 753,1 square metres.
  18. Total structural volume: 25 735,4 cubic metres.
  19. Useful area: 6 458,3 square metres.
  20. Commissioning: March, 2015
  21. Open and closed parking spaces for 265 cars near the building and surrounding territories.